What shoes to wear with flare jeans?

What shoes to wear with flare jeans?

Flare jeans are back, baby! But with their dramatic leg opening comes a crucial question: what shoes to wear? Fear not, fashion friends, because this guide is your ultimate answer. Whether you’re aiming for leg-lengthening elegance, a cool and edgy vibe, or simply comfy casual chic, we’ll unveil the perfect shoe pairings for every type of flare and every occasion. From platform pumps to chunky sneakers, we’ll break down the best styles to balance, flatter, and express your unique personality. So, ditch the fashion faux pas and get ready to rock your flares with confidence! Buckle up, because we’re about to take your flare game to a whole new level.

Different types of flare jeans (bootcut, wide-leg, etc.)

The resurgence of flare jeans has brought a welcome dose of retro charm and versatility to wardrobes everywhere. But amidst the excitement, a question arises: what exactly is a flare jean, and how do the various styles differ? Worry not, fashionistas, because this guide will delve into the world of flares, equipping you to choose the perfect pair for your unique style and body type.

1. The Bootcut:

The OG of flares, the bootcut features a subtle widening from the knee down, designed to accommodate boots comfortably. It offers a classic and universally flattering silhouette, elongating the legs and balancing wider hips. Look for a gradual flare starting around the knee and a leg opening that skims the top of your boots without being too wide. Think of it as the “gateway flare” – perfect for beginners or those who prefer a timeless look.

2. The Wide-Leg:

This bold statement piece features a dramatic flare from the hip or thigh down, creating a flowing, statuesque silhouette. It’s ideal for balancing out petite frames and adding instant drama to any outfit. Embrace the full-on 70s vibe with high-waisted styles and bold patterns, or opt for a more modern take with sleek silhouettes and neutral colors. Remember, confidence is key when rocking the wide-leg!

3. The Kick Flare:

A playful twist on the classic, the kick flare features a straight leg with a slight flare at the ankle. This creates a subtly tapered look that’s both flattering and versatile. It’s perfect for adding a touch of vintage flair to casual outfits or elevating a simple top and jeans combination. Pair it with sneakers for a laid-back vibe or heels for a more polished look.

4. The Cropped Flare:

This trendy option features a flared leg that ends above the ankle, showcasing your shoes and offering a cool, summery feel. It’s ideal for petite frames as it avoids overwhelming the silhouette and works well with sandals, flats, or even sneakers. Opt for cropped bootcut or wide-leg styles to experiment with different looks and proportions.

5. The Bell Bottom:

The ultimate throwback, the bell bottom features a dramatic flare starting below the knee and expanding significantly towards the hem. This iconic style channels the 70s spirit and demands attention. Choose bold colors, prints, or textures for a statement piece, or play with proportions by pairing them with cropped tops or fitted jackets. Remember, bell bottoms are all about embracing retro flair with confidence!

Shoe Options for Different Looks and Occasions to wear flare jeans

For Lengthening and Balancing

Flare jeans are all about creating a stunning silhouette, but finding the right shoes to complement them can be tricky. Fear not, fashionistas! Here’s your guide to “lengthening and balancing” your look with various shoe options:

1. Point-Toe Heels: The undisputed queen of leg-lengthening, point-toe heels elongate your legs from the bottom up. Choose stiletto heels for a classic and dramatic effect, or opt for kitten heels for a more comfortable and versatile option. Remember, the higher the heel, the more dramatic the effect.

Perfect Pairings:

  • Bootcut: Creates a seamless line from toe to hem.
  • Wide-leg: Balances the width of the leg for a sophisticated look.
  • Kick flare: Adds a touch of polish without overwhelming the ankle detail.

2. Platform Shoes: A trendy and comfortable alternative to heels, platform shoes offer height without sacrificing stability. Choose chunky platforms for a bolder statement, or opt for sleeker styles for a more refined look.

Perfect Pairings:

  • Wide-leg: Balances out the volume of the pants for a proportioned look.
  • Kick flare: Adds a touch of height without competing with the ankle detail.
  • Cropped flare: Creates a playful and modern silhouette.

3. Wedges: These offer lift and stability, making them ideal for casual outings and outdoor settings. Choose espadrille wedges for a summery vibe, or opt for closed-toe styles for cooler weather.

Perfect Pairings:

  • Bootcut: Creates a relaxed yet polished look.
  • Wide-leg: Adds height and balances proportions for a comfortable yet stylish option.
  • Cropped flare: Elongates the legs while maintaining a casual feel.

Bonus Tip: Pair any of these options with nude-colored shoes to further elongate your legs and create a seamless visual line.

Beyond the Classics:

While these are top contenders, don’t limit yourself! Explore other options keeping balance in mind:

  • Ankle boots: Choose pointed-toe styles to elongate the legs, keeping the shaft height proportionate to the flare width.
  • Loafers: Add a masculine touch to wide-leg flares, creating a relaxed yet chic look.
  • Mules: Opt for platform or heeled mules for added lift and a touch of sophistication.

For Edgy and Statement Styles

Flare jeans aren’t just about lengthening and balancing; they’re a canvas for bold expression, too! Embrace your inner fashion rebel with these edgy and statement shoe choices:

1. Ankle Boots: The ultimate partners-in-crime for your flares, ankle boots add a touch of cool and create a balanced silhouette.

  • Combat boots: Channel your inner rockstar with chunky combat boots. Pair them with bootcut or wide-leg flares for a powerful look.
  • Western-inspired boots: Embrace bohemian vibes with pointed-toe or cowboy boots. Opt for distressed leather or embroidery for added edge.
  • Sock boots: Create a sleek and modern look with sock boots that hug your ankles. Choose bold colors or metallic finishes for a statement.

2. Chunky Sneakers: Contrast the flow of your flares with chunky sneakers for a playful and trendy vibe.

  • Platform sneakers: Add height and edge with platform sneakers. Choose bold colors or graphic prints for a statement.
  • Dad sneakers: Embrace the “ugly shoe” trend with chunky dad sneakers. Pair them with cropped flares for a cool and casual look.
  • Track sneakers: Channel sporty vibes with track sneakers. Opt for black and white for a classic look or go wild with neon accents.

3. Loafers: Inject a masculine touch and elevate a casual outfit with loafers.

  • Penny loafers: Add a preppy twist with classic penny loafers. Pair them with wide-leg flares and a tucked-in blouse for a vintage-inspired look.
  • Platform loafers: Elevate your style with platform loafers. Choose chunky styles for a bold statement or opt for sleeker silhouettes for a more polished look.

4. Unexpected Choices: Dare to be different with these unique shoe options:

  • Statement sandals: Go bold with gladiator sandals, embellished flats, or chunky heels.
  • Over-the-knee boots: Make a dramatic statement with over-the-knee boots. Choose sleek styles for a sophisticated look or go for textured finishes for added edge.
  • Mules with embellishments: Embrace the “more is more” approach with mules adorned with chains, feathers, or other statement details.


  • Balance is key: While you’re aiming for an edgy look, don’t overwhelm your silhouette. Choose shoes that complement the width and length of your flares.
  • Confidence is your best accessory: Rock your chosen style with confidence, and you’ll own every step!

For Comfort and Casual Vibes

Flare jeans aren’t just for strutting down the runway or turning heads at a party. They can also be your go-to companions for relaxed weekends, casual outings, and everyday errands, all while keeping you comfortable and stylish. Here’s how to achieve that effortlessly chic, laid-back vibe with the perfect shoe pairings:

1. Flats: Embrace the comfort and versatility of flats without compromising on style.

  • Ballet flats: Opt for sleek leather or pointed-toe styles for a touch of sophistication. Pair them with bootcut or cropped flares for a polished yet relaxed look.
  • Mules: Slide into comfort with mules in various materials and styles. Choose flat mules for ultimate ease or platform mules for a touch of height. Pair them with wide-leg flares for a flowy and effortless vibe.
  • Sandals: Embrace the warm weather with sandals in various styles. Strappy sandals add a touch of femininity, while gladiator sandals offer a bolder statement. Pair them with cropped or wide-leg flares for a breezy summer look.

2. Sneakers: Keep it casual and cool with sneakers that complement your flares.

  • Classic white sneakers: These timeless options pair well with any type of flare jean, offering comfort and a clean aesthetic.
  • Trendy sneakers: Embrace the latest trends with chunky dad sneakers, graphic print styles, or platform sneakers. Pair them with cropped flares for a playful and modern vibe.
  • Slip-on sneakers: Enjoy the ease of slip-on styles without sacrificing style. Opt for sleek leather slip-ons or canvas styles for a more casual look.

3. Clogs: Add a touch of 70s nostalgia and comfort with clogs.

  • Classic wooden clogs: Embrace the traditional look with wooden clogs in neutral colors. Pair them with bootcut or wide-leg flares for a relaxed and vintage-inspired outfit.
  • Modern clogs: Explore modern takes on clogs with platform styles, embellished details, or different materials like leather or suede. Pair them with cropped flares for a playful and trendy look.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget socks! Ankle socks hidden under flats or mules add a touch of personality and comfort. For a bolder statement, experiment with patterned or colorful socks peeking out from cropped flares.


  • Comfort is king (or queen): Choose shoes that you can walk, dance, and explore in without sacrificing style.
  • Accessorize wisely: Elevate your casual look with statement jewelry, a cool bag, or a vibrant scarf.
  • Confidence is key: Rock your chosen style with a smile and enjoy the comfort and effortless chicness of your flare jeans and flats combo.


And there you have it, fashionistas! Your guide to navigating the world of flare jeans and their shoe companions is complete. From leg-lengthening heels to edgy boots, playful sneakers to comfy flats, there’s a perfect shoe pairing for every style and occasion. Remember, the key lies in understanding your flares, exploring different options with an open mind, and most importantly, rocking your chosen look with confidence.

So, unleash your inner fashion rebel, embrace the versatility of flare jeans, and strut your stuff with shoes that complement your unique style. Don’t be afraid to experiment, have fun, and let your personality shine through. After all, fashion is about expressing yourself, and flare jeans offer the perfect canvas to do just that!

Here’s to stepping out in style and owning your flare game!

P.S. Don’t forget to share your favorite flare and shoe combinations in the comments below! We love seeing your creativity and unique interpretations.

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